Nioxin Hair Loss Treatment Review

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Nioxin Hair Loss Treatment

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Nioxin is a brand known for their products that evolve mainly on cosmetic hair products, mostly on the prevention of hair loss in some way. The methods are usually on the promotion of healthier scalp that promote healthier and fuller looking hair.

Most effective for:

  • Allows new hair growth
  • Can make the scalp healthier

Other factors to consider:

  • May cause allergic reactions

Description: Kit is ideal for those with Normal to thin-looking hair. Easy-to-use trio of products boast advanced Nioxin technology and a concentrated blend of European botanicals to help address problems associated with noticeably thin-looking hair. Used together, these items create an optimum scalp environment for fuller, thicker, healthier-looking hair. Includes Bionutrient Cleanser (shampoo), Scalp Therapy (Conditioner) and Treatment.

Directions for Use: Shampoo, Condition then apply Treatment to scalp.

Ingredients: Aqua/EAU/water, Tealauryl, Sulfate, Sodium laureth sulfate, Cocamidopropyl betaine, Hydroxypropyltrimonium honey, Cocamide mea, PEG150 Distearate, Panthenol, Glycoproteins, Polysorbate60, Polysorbate80, Cystine Bispgpropyl.

Recommendation: It basically works like Propecia and Rogaine. It blocks the DHT, which affects hair growth, leaving the scalp healthier and allowing new hair to grow. Even with the claimed natural ingredients, many consumers complain about not being able to complete the hair loss treatment program due to allergies that are painful and extreme beginning with burning sensations and red streaks on the applied area. A hair loss treatment you might be interested in checking would be Women's Rogaine review

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November 16, 2008

Rita Stone @ 7:57 pm #

I have itchy and burning hives all over my face ears, neck, and torso from using Nioxin. If one has sensitive skin, BEWARE !!!

December 12, 2008

John Doe @ 4:59 pm #

Yes this is true I have used this as well. I put up with it for quite some time until I realized not much was happening and my scalp was getting really &^#*ed up. I would get out of the shower and have red itchy bumps all over my head and neck and sometimes on my face. The skin would eventually dry out and stay itchy and begin flaking. May have been allergies.

January 5, 2009

Daniel Knepshield @ 4:24 am #

Quote from review: "(Nioxin) basically works like Propecia and Rogaine. It blocks the DHT, which affects hair growth."

My comment: First of all, Rogaine (minoxidil) does NOT block DHT. Propecia does, but minoxidil does not. Nioxin should not be compared to either of them as it neither works like minoxidil, nor does it block DHT like Propecia. Nioxin's own website only states that their product "removes" DHT, but does not inhibit it. Any shampoo will remove DHT from the surface of the scalp. The trick is stopping it from forming in the first place. Nioxin simply does not do that, nor does it claim to. DHT is present on the scalp along with sebum. When you wash your hair, scalp sebum and surface DHT is washed away. Any shampoo can, and will, do that. Nioxin is very clever in their marketing which makes you think their product does something special, but it doesn't. Nioxin does not claim to stop hair-loss or to regrow hair. It only claims to make hair healthier and fuller. Any good shamppoo will do that, which is all Nioxin is.

Quote from review: "Even with the claimed natural ingredients, many consumers complain about not being able to complete the hair loss treatment program due to allergies that are painful and extreme beginning with burning sensations and red streaks on the applied area. It develops into hives, and takes hours before the pains subside."

My comment: Nioxin does not claim to be "all-natural." It contains both natural and artificial ingredients. I felt the need to clear that up, because many readers might not make the distinction.

The effects described above, i.e., burning sensations, red streaks, etc. are not due to allergies. They are caused by the vasodilators in the product which are included to increase blood flow to the scalp. The symptoms last about 30 minutes, not hours, and gradually decrease with extended use.

Although, it is possible that one could have allegies, or sensitivities, to an ingredient in the product, in all likelihood, that would be rare. The "burning" and "red streaks" are normal and to be expected. Nioxin even mentions that this will occur in their literature. The burning is no more painful than applying menthol to your skin. If your scalp is thinner than most, the sensation may be a little more intense, but it is not painful. The vasodilators which cause this, in addition to increasing blood flow to the scalp, also help the ingredients to better penetrate into the skin. Bottom line: If you experiece these symptoms, do not be alarmed. They are normal and will go away shortly.

Summary: Nioxin is a great shampoo and hair care system, but do not expect it to stop your hair-loss or to regrow any hair. Once you get past their very vague and ambiguous claims, a careful reading of Nioxin's literature will reveal this.

July 18, 2009

OJA @ 5:29 pm #

I am a happy satisfied user of Nioxin's System 3 series product and have been using it daily for about a year; I am male, sixty years old as of this writing.

I have dark hair and it started thinning and graying a few years ago – I asked my hair person about it and they immediately recommended Nioxin as several of her customers had gotten good results from it. She cautioned that you need to use it at least six months before you see results, and she was right. I started dyeing my hair so I used the System 3 product which is made for colored hair.

I didn't see any results for about the first 4 months, then started to see slow gradual improvement. One thing I was missing was the leave-in spray "Scalp Treatment" which didn't come with my original Nioxin shampoo and conditioner package combo for some reason. Using it in my hair seemed to made the hair thickening process accelerate somewhat, and it's clear, feels like water and doesn't seem to affect my hair in terms of texture or whatever.

Nioxin has never bothered my scalp nor created any itching or redness. Though it took patience to achieve results, I like how it's gradual and no one notices anything. I wouldn't say that it has brought my hair back to what it was say, twenty years ago, but it's a definite improvement from what I had a year ago, and I will continue to use Nioxin in the forseeable future and recommend it to others all the time.

I have since switched hair cutters and even my new person recommended Nioxin and uses it when I get a shampoo at the salon. In my opinion it is made for people looking to thicken existing hair and I don't think it is advertised as a hair growth or hair replacement type product.

August 29, 2009

abbie @ 3:21 pm #

to the lady a few reviews before who says the streaks and bumps after the scalp treatment aren't painful: you're full of it! I just used the treatment and have big welt like streaks on my neck and red bumpy burning blotches on my scalp. That is why I got online, to see if anyone else had had to deal with this. So, keep your "read the directions/literature" crap to yourself. I'm a hairstylist, and read the directions. It is a skin allergie/reaction. you don't know anything!

March 20, 2010

Dan @ 6:12 am #

I have been using Nioxin for approximately 1 month and after each time I use it I get bright red streaks and blotches on my chest and abdomen. They don't itch or really bother me physically, however I am concerned about this reaction. Is it causing liver damage? I don't know. Why would something I apply to my scalp causing red blotches to my body? It can't be good. Hey, maybe its killing me, but I'll have great looking hair in my casket.

April 19, 2010

suzie @ 12:38 pm #

ihave been a hairdresser for nearly 20 years and have been using nioxin for at least 15 of those. i have never seen or heard of anyone being burned or any type of reaction. i have been using it personally for 9 years. i wash my face and hair i use it to bathe and shampoo my little girl since she was born with no problems.
on a professional side i have seen it grow hair that was already there better, stronger and faster.
no it wont bring hair back from the dead nor does it claim to but as it says on the info it " helps you grow the best hair that your body can"

June 3, 2010

tdb @ 4:04 pm #

I have been using system 3 for a couple of weeks now and i feel that i am losing more hair by having to shampoo and conditioner my hair every morning. I also have been using Proscar tablets for 2 weeks, hoping something will work. I have seen nil improvement in the early stages and feel it may be getting worse, should I continue with the nioxin products I am not sure?

June 29, 2010

cme @ 2:51 pm #

I've been using Nioxin step 3 for over 3 wks now and they say your supposed to loose more hair within the first 2 wks of using it, but after 2 wks your to see less fall out. I would see at least 10 strands on my hands after using the conditioner and thats after 2 wks of using it. I just used Head n Shoulders the other day and after using the conditioner I had maybe 2 or 3 strands on my hands. So what do I do, quit using the Nioxin?

September 18, 2010

Mimi @ 3:17 pm #

My hair is thinning and at first this was traumatic for me. My long blond hair has always been my "crowning glory". I've recently had an epiphany and have decided to save my money! Unless it a sign of illness, maybe we should embrace or humanity and the aging process. Where will this vanity get us? Nowhere! It's sad and shallow. Aren't there more pressing issues? We're just making others rich when we buy into the youth/beauty obsession! Ask yourself: am I beautiful inside? Will I be remembered for my long blond hair or my kindness and good works? God Bless

September 21, 2010

ROBBIE @ 6:10 pm #

hello ive been usin this product for hair loss ive been noticing rednes,irritation,also bumps i wanna know if bumps is a meaning of a reaction of the product should i stop using the shampoo for awhile than continue it again i also notice hair growth wow but the bumps realy painful help any advise thank you

September 22, 2010

Katie @ 8:26 am #

Hello my name is Katie and I have been using Nioxin for over three years now. I started to use it after I had brain surgery and my friend recommend it to me as she was referred after her hair was falling due to chemotherapy. this product has worked for me and has worked for my friend. it has been three years since my surgery and i have hair the length and thickness that it was at the time of my surgery. I have never heard of any red bumps or itching but hey im no cosmetologist. I recommend this product to all of my friend and even my own mom. I truly think this stuff is amazing.

October 10, 2010

Jay @ 7:18 pm #

Good evening I would not recommend this product to anyone that does not continue to use it. Most people use this product to grow hair and reduce the appearance of hair loss but my aunt's reasoning was a little different. Let me note that my aunt is African American. My aunt started using this product having long and think hair she was told that Nioxin assist in keeping the hair healthy adding on to her hair growth and thickness. I must admit that the product did work and the results showed greatly within the years of using this product. BUT it was when she stopped using the product that made a dramatic turn in her once long and thick hair.

She used Nioxin in 1997-2000 and decided to stop because she had gotten the results she was looking for. When she stopped using Nioxin is when she suddenly started seeing her hair falling out. She could not understand why her hair was falling out but within a 1-2 she noticed a bald spot. And I am a witness to it because I asked her what was wrong so she went to the doctor and they ran test and she had no disorder or anything. She told the doctor that she did notice that after using Nioxin she noticed hair thinning and lost. She started back using the product again to see if it would help again…it started to grow a little but she stopped once again because of the irritation. When she completely stopped using this product her hair got worse and TODAY she is bald at the top of her head with little long strands around the bald spot.

My aunt has been emotionally distressed because she has to hide her situation with wigs and scarfs. She cries when she looks in the mirror because she use to have beautiful hair. She is so sensitive about it to the point she doesn't even go out on dates because of her situation.

Overall, I do NOT SUPPORT THIS PRODUCT at all! If you use this product make sure you know it will be your product for life because once you stop using it your hair might suffer. Different strokes for different folks but from witnessing the effects I do not recommend this product. Thanks and I wish you all luck!

November 6, 2010

Anita @ 5:00 pm #

I stopped using the Nioxin pills, and its been a year. I have had blood work done, and Im told that everything is normal. I have been steadily losing hair ever since I stopped using the product. Do not take the pills or use the shampoo. I hate this product.

November 21, 2010

Vickster @ 3:35 pm #

Get a grip. Stop posting stuff you obviously know nothing about. I love nioxin. It savedmyhair. Been using for over 10 years.

November 26, 2010

Bretski @ 9:19 pm #

I like your use of the word allergy. As a health professional it's surprising to see how improperly this word is actually used. You're having an adverse reaction, not an allergy.

November 28, 2010

Cath @ 6:42 am #

I've been having hairloss for 7/8 years but really bad for the last year, I've seen a Trichologist recently who confirmed since my last visit 12 months ago it's definitely worse my bloods are all ok so she give me a 3 months supply of minoxidil which I've not started I'm terrified as i can't bear to lose anymore hair I'm letting it affect my life I go to bed at night and dream about it and I know it's not life threatning then I feel so guilty when people are really sick does anyone else feel like this

January 6, 2011

Shaz @ 3:44 pm #

I have felt like you. My hair starting falling out a few months ago. I had really thick, long hair and I have lost 50% or so and have a bald patch. I have been going to a trichologist monthly and have a treatment done. For a couple of months I was so depressed, cried all the time. However, now I have come round to the fact that I have tried what I can do stop the hair loss – if it works, it works and if it doesn't, well, at least I have tried. I feel more positive now and I am grateful that I am healthy. Since my more positive attitude I have noticed that am not so hung up on my hair loss and consequently, it's not as bad as it was.

March 19, 2011

Christie @ 4:12 pm #

I seen this stuff grow a bald spot from stress back on my aunts head and I myself started losing hair on the side where I touch when I am stressed and started usuing it and it worked for me to. I never got any burning. Also I stopped using it for a few years and it didnt effect me.

March 30, 2011

Tamika @ 8:08 pm #

I truly do not understand why everyone is being so negative and rude with everyone else regaurding thier posts. This is a review page where everyone can post thier own opinions about thier experiences using this product. Why people are getting upset with others about what they think is beyond me. Everybodys entitled to thier own opinions and what works for 1 WILL NOT WORK OR AFFECT ALL IN THE SAME MANNER

April 4, 2011

ladyb @ 8:00 pm #

I have been taking the Nioxin supplement and have itchy red bumps on my neck, stomach, back and now arms. Nioxin is very dangerous for you!

April 13, 2011

Bali Flight @ 11:11 am #


what do you mean by dangerous? if Nioxin dangerous the company will shut down immediately

April 14, 2011

newmom @ 4:51 pm #

I am 21 years old and have been using Nioxin step 4 for about 3weeks now. (I had a baby 4 months ago and )my hair has been falling out in handfuls, I even stoped styling as I used to. Could my hair loss be effects of body change after pregnancy? I have been reading the comments above and got a little concerned. Should I continue using it? I didn't go to the doctor, my hairstylist recommended, so I agreed. I see no change in my hair loss. Need advice. I have even startd balding at the hair line and my hair has thinned a lot.

April 28, 2011

laura @ 6:53 pm #

hii, i have alopecia and im a female teenager, and today i went to bso(beauty supply outlet) and she tolld me to use nioxin since it stops hairloss, but i said to myself that i should do some research before i do so….so what do u guys think? my hair is really thin!

April 30, 2011

sin @ 7:01 pm #

@Cath: Hi im 27 and in the past year i have lost about oh far over half my hair, personnaly im terrified i had thick gorgeous hair now i almost have none its scary, i just started using nioxin,i dont have any bumps, or red marks the first time i used it it did burn a little and what i do notice is the thickness of my scalp has gone waaaaaayy down, im still losing hair but i may have cystc ovarian disease or possibly ovarian cancer, the shampoo no doubt makes your hair look shinyer and healthier, but only time will tell if ill lose all my hair or not.very scary very scary for a woman to be going through this.what do we do when this happends? and i have been noticing a very high number of woman around outside who are bald.:(

May 10, 2011

kmal @ 8:44 pm #


hi there newmom. I am in the same boat you are in (have a 5 month old) and this hairloss you are experiencing is normal postpartum hairloss. I started taking nioxin about 6 weeks ago because my hair started falling out in clumps in the shower due to the postpartum hairloss and have definitely seen results so far. Nioxin is working for me but i have not been on it for that long. My hair texture is changing and getting healthier and thicker. I definitely have less hair loss. I also see about a half inch of new baby hair growth! It could be my body righting itself from the postpartum hormone shift but i have had thinning hair since before pregnancy and it is starting to look better pre preg. Hang in there! Even if you dont use nioxin, this hairloss should pass soon. it is normal to lose hair 3 – 6 months after baby and 4 months is when i started noticing it too. Congrats on the baby!

May 12, 2011

Tom @ 12:22 pm #

I am a 31 years old Male. I have using this nioxin off and on for 5 years. I used to shave my head bald with a razor blade for 12 years.I started to grow my hair and I had bald patches around my head and my front was thinning out. My wife runs a salon and she told me to try it out. I used it and it did fill some spots that I thought that wouldnt grow back . It works goods! I have had a little redness to my head sometimes but nothing serious.

June 3, 2011

Crystal @ 1:46 am #

After reading everyones view , I'm finding this site pointless, we all are different ages have different dilemmas health wise an not two people are alike in order to make a proper assessment we can't go by this. I'm more confused then when I started.I think I will just stick to my bio oil from the health food store an cross my fingers !Wish everyone here the best , god bless

June 7, 2011

mandy @ 8:00 am #

Use Norkrin, You will need to take supplements and also use a shampoo, conditioner and scalp lotion. I used this product for about 2 years and it really worked for me. I also now use the aminexil range by kerastase. These products are less harsh on your scalp and they have really helped me. I have never tried this nioxin and after reading the reviews I dont thinik i would ever dare adding such a product to my scalp!!!

June 10, 2011

Irene Bell @ 1:17 pm #

My hair loss was very sudden, 50% over a period of four weeks, fortunately had very thick hair to start with, now it's like baby hair, or old lady hair, I've been very anaemic and have kidney failure, though have had both before without this reaction, my hairdresser had supplied me with Nioxin, and after reading the above I'm terriried to use it, any helpful comments, anyone!!

cml @ 4:28 pm #

I'm a 61 year old female. I'm suddenly experiencing a lot of hair loss. Hair receding around 2 inches. I have always had long thick hair. I just had lab work done ( haven't received results yet). My dermatologist wants to do a biopsy in 2 weeks. A nurse that works for my Pulmonary doctor recommened using Nioxin. She said that several of their patients that have had chemo therapy have found great results using this product. Having read the reviews on this web site I'm not sure I should use this product. Any suggestions would be very helpful. Good luck to all of you.

June 22, 2011

raquel @ 10:31 am #

@Mimi: This is the only post worth reading– thank you.

June 27, 2011

april @ 5:44 pm #

Hi abbie! i know this is a old Post! but the last 6 months or so i have been getting dark red streaks on the top of my head, on the hairline, it burns and hurts! especially after using the nixon vitman spray! it comes with the kit! it is number 3# after the shampoo and conditioner1 it says it will make your head a little red! for 5 mins or so! it has been 2 weeks! I just stopped usig the shampoo three days ago! but even when i use my regular shampoo it is still sensitive! my demotoligist said that it takes six weeks to clear up from a allergic reaction! on the scalp! and that noixion is shit! and to stop using it and save my money! she suggested to buy a good but gentle shampoo like dove! but it will still be red for a few more weeks! I will never use it again! I just hope I did not cause permant damage to my scalp? I have thin hair already! i can not afford to lose any more! I think people should get together and go after this company! some people say they lose more hair and that it damages the scalp like mine! also after a long time of use! when you stop using the product that the scalp is so damaged that it will make you bald! just like the lady said on her review, I wish I would have read these reviews before i wasted $100 dollars on this product! I am too scared to color my hair now! my scalp is so senstive and red streaks all over the top of my head! I hope someone sues the ass off of nioxon! Do Not use! Trust me! I have never had any problems with my scalp until now. please tell me how you are doing now that you stopped using nioxon? is your scalp ok now? thank you.

april @ 6:09 pm #

Hi new mom! I justed used step 4 which is the spray that is suppossed to break down the DHt and add vitmans! my top of my head on the hairline has red streaks! it is really thin now! and hurts. and I only used it twice! I think if I continued to use it I would have no hair left! i was and am really scared that it has damaged my scalp!
It Is like It burns the outer layer of your scalp! i will never use again. Please stop the use of step 4 it is the worst out of the nioxon products! I can not even imagen if i would have used it for three weeks like you did! did you use the spray everyday? and how is you scalp now? my problem area! was the top of my head and my forehead! was that the same for you? I went to a dermotoligist and she said it was a sevre allegic reaction and to never use nioxion again! it is a waste of money! she also said it takes up to six weeks for the scalp to heal or more depending on how strong the shampoo is! I wish i never used it.

curious about this product as well @ 8:44 pm #

Hair loss is definitely one of the common side effects of chemo. So once you're off chemo, hair will regrow regardless of using any hair product or not. These patients may have gotten the impression of having "great results" from this product because their hair grew back while using it. My two cents :)

June 28, 2011

shannadale @ 11:01 am #

I am a 40 year old woman who has dealt with periodic hairloss after the birth of my first child 20 years ago. My hair is brown, very fine, very straight and has been very thin. I have tried Nioxin in the past and I did find positive results with it but also found the spary left my hair heavy and greasy and for a professional woman this can be as detrimental to her appearance as much as hair loss is. I have done much research over the years and would suggest anyone suffering from thinning hair or outright hair loss to first see a dermatologist to determine the cause. Part of my issues were low levels of iron in my system due to my pregnacies and suppliments helped with my hair loss. For a balanced scalp to help promote a healthier head of hair I would recommend Nizoral combined with good shampoo and conditioner. I have found Nizoral has stopped my hair loss and balanced my scalp. No more itchy red bumps on my head and I no longer have to use a shampoo everyday due to excessive oil on my scalp. Everyone is different and there is no one product that will work for everyone. I hope this has helped, good luck in your search.

July 2, 2011

fayza @ 6:13 am #

i bought this product and used it once before reading all of that i need the advice from the producers

July 10, 2011

Denise @ 8:59 pm #

Yeah I hear you Raquel! Mimi's is the only post worth reading. I have recently had hairdressers trying to sell me this product. I explain to them my hair has been thin since I was 18 same as my mum's. I just turned 50 and have a major operation this week, at the end of the day I should be more concerned about being healthy afterwards. My hair dries in 5 mins, I don't spend a fortune at the hairdressers, and I don't feel the need to try every product they shove under my nose.
I have never enjoyed long beautiful thick hair and don't really know what the fuss is about. It is just hair. Try cutting some of your beautiful hair, carry it around in a container, show it to everyone. Tell them how beautiful it is, ask them to run their fingers through it. Then you might all realize how ridiculous all of this is!!

July 13, 2011

Maggie @ 4:13 am #

My hair dresser noticed that my hair was thinning so they recommended I used this product..Others had recommended this product as well.
This was over 10 years ago. Prior to using this product, every time I washed my hair, the amount of hair on the shower floor was frightening. It was a mess.
After using this shampoo, I barely see hair loss on the shower floor. I am no longer concern about hair loss and have used it steadily for all those years.
I will not stop using it, because it works for ME.

Maggie @ 4:17 am #

I've never really used the other products, just the shampoo and conditioner for thinning hair

Maggie @ 4:24 am #

Years ago I noticed my Mom was losing her hair, so now I buy it for her as well. Her hair has improved and she is no longer thinning like she was.

July 23, 2011

betty @ 4:24 am #

@abbie: Abbie, you need some anger management therapy. Its been a long time since I read such aggressive comments in the reiews.

betty @ 4:35 am #

@newmom: Hi, sorry about your hair thinning after your pregnancy. This is very normal. Lots of women find that their hair thins a few months postnatal. I would like to assure you that your hair will resume its pre pregnancy thickness but this can take up to about 2yrs postnatal. Mostly your hair will start to recover before this and it will be so gradual….and 2yrs down the line you will notice that its all back to normal. The sudden loss about 4 -6 months after the birth is due to the change in your hormones post pregnancy .

August 27, 2011

Lenore @ 12:48 pm #

I too had a baby last year, and I am still nursing him. My doctor says that once he is weaned, my hormone levels will hopefully balance out and my hair will stop falling out then. In the meantime, it was my own doctor who recommended Nioxin to me. He said this is what his wife used with each of her three post-natal hair loss experiences, with great success. I just started using it today, and I have mixed reviews. I liked the smell (minty and refreshing), and also loved the cool tingle on my scalp. It felt really good to me. But I felt like more hair was falling out all over my hands in the shower than usual. Maybe that's because I was taking the time to really massage the shampoo and conditioner in? I was alarmed by how much was falling out in the shower, and it made me very anxious. Once I put the foam on my scalp, I didn't experience any redness or discomfort, so no problems there so far. I will keep using it for a few months to see if I have the success his wife has had. Overall, I enjoyed the experience of using it except for seeing more hair fall out with this wash than I am used to seeing. But once again, it might be due to the fact that I really got in there and gave my scalp a good long massage. Something I never ever do. I'm usually afraid to touch it too much, for fear that more will fall out. I'm hoping that it slows down with subsequent shampoos.

My doctor ran all sorts of bloodwork on me to make sure my thyroid is ok, and vitamin levels are good. Everything came back normal except my hormone levels, which is normal after a baby and while you are still nursing. It's very important to look into the medical reasons why you have sudden hair loss. Ladies, get your thyroid and your vitamin and hormone levels checked!

August 28, 2011

TOM @ 5:46 pm #

@Mimi: Wow Mimi what a wonderful and refreshing attitude more of us need to change our thinking. I'm a hairstylist but I agree there's more to people than appearance we need to focus more on personality and making this world a better place. God Bless.

TOM @ 5:50 pm #


September 4, 2011

Bob @ 2:57 pm #

To april, I am not sure what you are worried about because you are just as ugly as you were before you started using this stuff. In fact, short of a massive face lift I do not think anything will help.

September 8, 2011

jimmy @ 6:14 pm #

i use this product and made things worse do not recommend to anyone

September 19, 2011

Bernadette @ 12:04 am #

Just throwing my two cents in…. It is not "rare" for one to be allergic to anything. I couldn't for the life of me figure out why I was having migraines and hives for 3 weeks until one day it hit me! It was this very product. Nioxin Shampoo! So to say it's rare for one to have an allergy to the product is being presumptuous! I'm a nurse and see a ton of people dealing with allergies to different things every day. I have had hives from head to toe the past few weeks. Even my doctor has been scratching his head. I never thought of this product until tonight. I will be giving it a toss into the garbage. No more! I have been so sick!!!

September 29, 2011

tia @ 9:28 pm #

i am a 15 year old girl and my hair has been falling out for the past three years. in the last two months it has been falling out like CRAZY and it's very emotionally distressing for me as society puts a lot of pressure on people my age to look beautiful in all aspects. i only wash my hair once a week now as when i do wash it, enough hair falls out to clog a drain. no joke. i bought nioxin yesterday but after reading these reviews i am terrified to go anywhere near it. what do i do?!

October 1, 2011

Amy @ 9:03 am #

@ new mom: I had hair problems after having a baby & my OB Gyn pricked my finger & said iron levels were fine. However, after going to a dermatologist who had blood work drawn at lab, it showed my iron saturation levels were extremely low, a natural occurrence after losing some much blood during child birth & after… So have Iron and TIBC tests done by a Dr who knows about iron stores. Even my internal Dr thought my levels were fine but when I returned to dermatologist she said know, she was looking at wrong levels, not saturation levels. Low iron can make you tired & cause hair loss. I've been taking over the counter iron 65 mg (325 mg ferrous sulfate) twice a day per her advice for over a yr & she wants me to continue bc wants my levels higher even though they're much better. Wished I had know hair thinning reason earlier when I had baby bc it prob wouldn't have gotten to the point of being so thin. I see new growth & have much more energy!

October 18, 2011

Thomas @ 12:18 pm #

I recently purchased a Nioxin System 1 kit, consisting of:

* Cleanser (i.e., shampoo)
* Scalp Therapy (i.e., conditioner)
* Scalp Treatment

The shampoo and conditioner seem to be relatively harmless… however, the Scalp Treatment is another story. Within five minutes after applying it to my scalp (twice so far), I will break out in large red hives (urticaria) all over my torso/abdomen and upper arms. The wheals are bright red and vary in size from the diameter of a pencil eraser to much larger red blotches several inches in diameter. They do not itch, and they disappear after an hour or so. I also seem to have some minor shortness of breath while the hives are present.

This is quite obviously an allergic reaction to an ingredient in the formula (not just an "adverse reaction" as was suggested earlier), but I am not clear which ingredient it might be? Obviously, I would prefer to avoid a more serious anaphylactic reaction involving more severe cardio-respiratory symptoms, so I will most likely discontinue using this product immediately.

I found a *very* long list of ingredients for the Scalp Treatment formula listed at the following site:

Assuming this list is accurate, does anyone know which one of these ingredients is the most likely culprit (i.e., most commonly causes allergic reactions such as urticaria)? If it is possible to identify, I would prefer to avoid using any similar products containing that ingredient in the future.

November 14, 2011

Paula @ 10:53 am #

Hello, I have been using this product for years! #3…it works great, makes my hair thicker and I swear promotes new hair growth. My mom has been using it now for 2+ years, same results and she had very thinning hair due to thyroid issues. Hers has grown back beautifully – we've got the before & after pics to prove it. No one I have recommended it to has ever had any serious redness or welts. But it could of course be that for some people, they get a reaction, could be a particular ingredient or something. Luckily, we have not experienced any negatives, only positives = more healthier hair, this includes my husband who was almost totally bald on top! My suggestion is to at least try it and if you don't experience any negatives then keep using it for a while and see if you notice a difference. We LOVE IT!!!!

November 21, 2011

mike moran @ 11:57 am #

The last good formula of this shampoo was in 2001, it cured dandruff as well,
protor and gamble own this company and the product is now junk.

December 28, 2011

Sharon @ 8:15 am #

Hi, I am African American and suffered severe hair breakage. I cut as much of my relaxer off to the new growth as possible. Nioxin was recommended by another customer (African American) in a beauty supply store. She was so excited as she boasted about her success after 5-6 months of using the product. I bought the product and have used it for 1 week. I did not experience any adverse effects. As witnessed by my daughter-in- law, I am seeing my hair fill-in in areas that I thought might be permanently damaged (temple area). My hair is getting thicker and the breakage has stopped. It is frightening to hear about some of the adverse reactions since a woman's hair is her "crowning glory." All I can say is that I am thankful that I finally have a product that is giving me immediate results w/out side effects. I have not tried the vitamins since I take "green supplements" that also aide in healthy hair growth. Hope this helps.

January 1, 2012

Joleen @ 11:41 pm #

@newmom: I know its been a while since you wrote this, but I am wondering if you had your thyroid checked by your doctor. Hypothyroidism is common after pregnancy, I was diagnosed 4 months after my daughter was born, and it does cause your hair to fall out. Google "hypothyroidism" and see if it fits you, just a suggestion. Thanks!

January 15, 2012

nioxin user @ 8:59 pm #

@newmom: Hormone changes after childbirth does cause some hair loss but it will grow back. I use nioxin system 3 because I've bleached my hair for years and it was fried. It's shiny and glossy and doesn't shed and has been growing faster and lost it's "fried" look. I've been using it for at least 2 months and notice a tingle like peppermint and so red streaks that disappear in 5 minutes. Besides this I am happy with the results.

February 5, 2012

Jarvis DeBoice @ 2:41 pm #

I have been using Nioxin Cleanser, Scalp Therapy and Scalp Treatment for about 6 years now, the first month I would see some redness on the scalp, (the fix was to go with a lighter application on the Scalp Treatment) after using it for this long my hair has not changed and I have noticed no more loss, I wish I had started this product 12 years ago. For those whom seem to have problems with rash, redness, etc. try doing what I do, when applying the Scalp Treatment, apply to central area top of your head, massage right away with your free hand only, then before doing anything else, wash both hands with soap and warm water. Till someone "really" comes up with a growth hair that works, I am staying with Nioxin.

February 20, 2012

j @ 7:43 pm #

Dont use it everyday idiot, u shouldnt wash everyday anyways

March 1, 2012

Josh @ 3:36 am #

To the comment above don't call people idiots has anyone noticed a red tinge in sunlight ???

March 12, 2012

osman @ 3:45 pm #

i have been using nioxin for last 2 months my hair got even thiner and still falling out anybody can recomend me something realy works thank

March 17, 2012

Danielle Jordan @ 4:29 am #

I have been using system 4 for about two weeks now. I have noticed my hair is actually falling out when i wash it. It never used to. I think i might stop my treatment. I have policystic ovarian syndrome so my hair has been thinning because of it. I was excited to start using this. I think because of my condition the treatment isnt doing any favors to my weak hair. I think if anyone is having problems maybe u should too think about stopping your treatment.

April 11, 2012

R Santos @ 10:11 am #

any hair regrowning product i read their instructions, after effects, say that you will loose more hair at first and than it will start to regrow. i never used any product, had a full hair until I hit 32, now my hair very thin and it is falling, I am 36, i don't have bald spots but that make me worry, I just have a customer at work right now that mentioned to me he was loosing too much hair and started using NIoxin, he mentioned because he noticed that fine hair just talking to me, So i don't after all the mix review bove if it is worthy a try. Many hair dressers said that after 30-31 if you are not bald you are not gonna be. What is the truth anyway?

April 13, 2012

rosa @ 2:30 am #

I was about to purchase the Nixion Product.After reading the reviews of this product has definitely changed my mind.I think i will stick with good old coconut oil

April 18, 2012

gillian @ 3:45 am #

hi have been using nioxin trio set after ruin hair with extensions …a very up market hairdressers recommended to me as my hair was so thin .at 50.00 l was expecting a good result and l did get that in a week my hair just bounced back .l suffer from excema and allergic to must products but had no reaction atall ….for me the results have been amazing ,althou im sorry for the people who di ,its no fun atall when this happens ..lots have commented on my hair .

September 19, 2012

Barbie Dee @ 7:25 pm #

@Crystal: Try diamataceous earth, food grade. Check the internet for results & uses. It has many health benefits besides hair, fingernail & skin improvement. Good luck to you all.

January 22, 2014

Dc @ 5:29 pm #

I,v been using Nioxin for about a year, every day using is excessive in my opinion. I aim to go through the 3 part system about 5 days a week. My results have been great. I went through an early spell and lost some hair. Id notice a lot of hair falling out when showering then the crown of my head started to thin, just a little though. After that I was recommended Nioxin from a barber, I avoided buying it for awhile because it was pricey, a lot more then a normal 20 year old spends on shampoo. Broke down bought the big bottles of the 3 part and Im glad I did. My hair stopped falling out in a matter of weeks not months and my hair looked and felt damn good as a result. I don't use any product and only use Nioxin 5 days a week. I'v found my system that works. Ps Nioxin's marketing is just vague enough for people to hype it up to something that it isn't. Everyones different and result will very, but good diet and Nioxin are a good start to keeping your hair.

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